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With our innovative expertise track record and UAE reputation, Norway Fiberglass Ind. LLC, holds a prominent position in the highly specialized field of GRP composite molding. We have manufactured a diverse range from architectural, automotive, marine, leisure, construction, industrial, and specialist applications. Our experience and professionalism enables us to provide the customer with an unrivaled service and a commitment to quality and care.  It is only by us maintaining the principal of quality, delivery and value,that our existing clients continue to give us their business. We pride ourselves in being able to work closely with the client, particularly on product development and can provide invaluable input as to the uses of GRP in a particular area, frequently able to make considerable cost savings for the potential customer.

We are a relatively small company who are largely family orientated and we can call on a store of knowledge and experience namely found in our industry. Many times we have helped clients by producing valuable, quality and complicated moldings originating from the back of the proverbial fag packet!

Why Choose GRP ?

GRP is perhaps the most versatile construction material known today.
Glass Reinforced Plastic’s property offers designers a wide scope of versatility in design. The complexity of shapes that can be produced effectively can, when designed correctly; prove to be extremely cost effective. During the design process you can utilize the many inherent material characteristics that GRP has to offer. The positive qualities include – its strength, light weight, stability dimensional, colour choices, and the wide variety of finishes available. The ability to create complex shapes, different surface appearances and vary the scale of work is all achievable in GRP; the only limit to what can be done is
‘your imagination’.


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