About Norway FiberGlass LLC

Norway Fiberglass Ind. L.L.C. standing the need for a reliable service and the ability to meet delivery schedules whilst being flexible with our innovative expertise, track record and UAE reputation, Norway Fiberglass Ind. L.L.C. holds a prominent position in this highly specialised field of GRP and GRC composite moulding, we have manufactured a diverse range of products for a widely varied customer base, ranging from, architectural, automotive, marine, leisure, construction, industrial, and specialist applications. GRP is perhaps the most versatile construction material known today. Glass Reinforced Plastic's properties offers designers a wide scope of versatility in design. The complexity of shapes that can be produced effectively can, when designed correctly, prove to be extremely cost effective. During the design process you can utilise the many inherent material characteristics that GRP has to offer. The positive qualities include it's strength, light weight, stability dimensional, colour choices, and the wide variety of finishes available. The ability to create complex shapes, different surface appearances, and vary the scale of work is all achievable in GRP, the only limit to what can be done is your imagination.

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